Put more money in your pocket

Injection offers several monetization models, including search, mobile, display, video, and more to help you generate more revenue.

Get more downloads for your software

We implement multiple distribution solutions such as affiliate marketing and advertising to help you get more users.

Increase your yield per user

Injection offers the highest payouts in the industry so you'll be able to monetize your user base even more.

Only pay for results

We only charge you for completed installs and we offer attractive payment options, such as pay-per-install, cost per action, cost per sale, and revenue sharing.

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Get More Users for Your Software and Put More Money in Your Pocket

Our monetization and distribution solutions will enable you to grow your user base and revenue at the same time. Take your apps, games, browser add-ons and other software to the next level with

Earn more revenue

Browser add-on monetization - Boost your yield per user with our multiple monetization solutions. Make money using display ads, mobile, search, video, or all of the above. Select solutions ala carte, depending on what works best with your program and your users.

Installer monetization - Bundle up other cool products with your software with Injection's EXE solution. You'll enhance user experience and earn money every time a user installs the bundled software.

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