• Drug Description: Baqsimi
  • Generic Name: Glucagon
  • Brand Name: Baqsimi
  • Dosage Form: Intranasal Device (3mg)
  • Drug Class: Hypoglycemia Antidotes


What is Baqsimi?

Baqsimi represents a significant advancement in the treatment of severe hypoglycemia. It is a glucagon nasal powder designed for quick and easy emergency administration. The FDA-approved medication offers a novel approach to counteracting dangerously low blood sugar levels, especially in individuals with diabetes.

Glucagon Nasal Powder:

  1. Baqsimi is formulated as a glucagon nasal powder, deviating from traditional injectable glucagon therapies.
  2. This nasal delivery system introduces a user-friendly alternative, especially beneficial in emergencies.
  3. Baqsimi is particularly beneficial for individuals with diabetes, offering them a crucial tool in managing severe hypoglycemia effectively.
  4. The nasal powder form of Baqsimi eliminates the need for injections, making it more accessible and less intimidating for users.
  5. This shift in administration methods contributes to increased ease of use during emergencies.

Baqsimi's Crucial Role in Hypoglycemia Treatment

Hypoglycemia is a condition characterized by abnormally low blood sugar levels, which can lead to symptoms ranging from mild discomfort to life-threatening complications.

Risk for Individuals with Diabetes:

  1. Individuals with diabetes are particularly susceptible to hypoglycemia due to factors such as medication, insulin use, or irregular eating patterns.
  2. Standard methods for treating hypoglycemia include glucose tablets, energy gels, or intramuscular glucagon injections.
  3. Baqsimi introduces a revolutionary nasal powder form of glucagon, providing a user-friendly alternative for emergency hypoglycemia treatment.
  4. Swift absorption through the nasal mucosa ensures a rapid increase in blood sugar levels, making it invaluable when traditional methods are impractical or unavailable.

Warnings for using Baqsimi

  1. Individuals with a history of pheochromocytoma or insulinoma should refrain from using Baqsimi due to potential complications related to these conditions.
  2. Just to let you know, caution is warranted for those exhibiting hypersensitivity to glucagon or other components of Baqsimi. It would be best for you to consult a healthcare provider to evaluate these cases' potential risks and benefits.

Side Effects of Baqsimi

  1. Common Side Effects: Baqsimi may induce mild and temporary side effects, such as nausea, vomiting, different types of headache, and upper respiratory tract irritation. Understanding that these side effects are typically short-lived can ease concerns.
  2. Persistent Side Effects: If side effects persist or worsen, you should seek immediate medical advice to ensure proper management and evaluation of the individual's response to Baqsimi.

Risks that come with Baqsimi

  1. Pheochromocytoma-Related Risks: Individuals with pheochromocytoma may experience increased blood pressure after using Baqsimi, emphasizing the importance of assessing individual health conditions before administration.
  2. Risk-Benefit Assessment: Healthcare providers play a crucial role in evaluating the risks and benefits of Baqsimi for each patient, considering their medical history and current health status.

Precautions Before taking Baqsimi

  1. Patients and caregivers should familiarize themselves with Baqsimi's correct administration techniques.
  2. This preparation ensures a seamless and efficient emergency response, improving patient safety.
  3. Creating an emergency plan with healthcare professionals ensures everyone understands their role and responsibilities in administering Baqsimi.
  4. Regular communication with healthcare providers allows for ongoing education and updates on the latest information related to Baqsimi and its usage.

Food to Avoid When Consuming Baqsimi

Impact of High-Carbohydrate Meals

  1. Certain foods, significantly high in carbohydrates, may influence the efficacy of Baqsimi.
  2. High-carbohydrate meals can rapidly drop blood sugar levels after using Baqsimi, potentially counteracting its intended effects.

Consultation with Healthcare Provider

  1. Patients are strongly advised to discuss dietary considerations with their healthcare provider to optimize Baqsimi's performance.
  2. Healthcare providers can offer personalized guidance on meal planning to ensure the most effective use of Baqsimi in individual cases.

Accurate Way To Consume Baqsimi

Critical Importance of Proper Administration

  1. Proper administration of Baqsimi is crucial for achieving optimal results.
  2. The nasal powder should be gently blown into one nostril while the patient lies on their back, facilitating the rapid absorption of glucagon.

Enhanced Absorption Technique

  1. Understanding and following the correct administration technique enhances Baqsimi's ability to raise blood sugar levels promptly.
  2. Healthcare providers can provide hands-on training to ensure patients and caregivers confidently administer Baqsimi when needed.

Achieving The Results: Length Of Use

Single-Use Design

  1. Baqsimi is specifically designed for single-use only.
  2. After administering the nasal powder, it is important that you seek immediate medical attention to address the underlying cause of hypoglycemia.

Medical Follow-Up for Prevention

  1. Healthcare providers play a crucial role in developing a plan to prevent future occurrences of severe hypoglycemia.
  2. Regular follow-ups with healthcare professionals allow for adjustments to the treatment plan based on individual responses and changing health conditions.

In Case of Missing Dose?

  1. Baqsimi is intended for use as needed during emergencies, and as such, there is no routine dosing schedule.
  2. If a dose is missed during an emergency, seeking medical assistance promptly is critical to ensure the patient's safety.

In Case of Overdose?

Rare But Serious Occurrence

  1. In the rare event of an accidental overdose, contacting emergency services or a poison control center is imperative.
  2. Symptoms of overdose may include increased blood pressure, a rapid heart rate, and nausea, necessitating prompt action to mitigate potential risks.

Education on Recognizing Overdose Symptoms

  • Healthcare providers can educate patients and caregivers on recognizing symptoms of overdose and the importance of immediate intervention.
  • Preparedness and awareness contribute to a quick response, minimizing the impact of a potential overdose. 


As we learn about Baqsimi, it is essential to recognize its pivotal role in hypoglycemia management. By understanding its usage, precautions, and potential risks in greater detail, individuals with diabetes and their caregivers can confidently navigate emergencies and ensure a swift response to severe low blood sugar levels. Always consult healthcare professionals for personalized guidance and to address any concerns regarding Baqsimi. The ongoing research and development in diabetes management continue to pave the way for advancements like Baqsimi, providing hope for improved outcomes and better quality of life for individuals with diabetes.



How Baqsimi works

Baqsimi works by rapidly increasing blood sugar levels. It stimulates the liver to release stored glucose into the bloodstream, quickly and effectively responding to severe hypoglycemia.

How long does it take for Baqsimi to work?

Baqsimi typically works within 15 minutes of administration, making it one of the fastest-acting treatments for severe hypoglycemia available. This rapid response time is crucial in emergencies.

When should you use glucagon?

Baqsimi is intended for use in emergencies when hypoglycemia cannot be treated with oral glucose or other carbohydrates. Recognizing the signs of severe hypoglycemia and having Baqsimi readily available is critical to its effectiveness.

How much does Baqsimi cost?

The cost of Baqsimi may vary, and it is advisable to check with healthcare providers or pharmacies for the most accurate pricing information. Some insurance plans may cover the cost of Baqsimi, but individual circumstances can impact the final price.

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