The Injection Advertising Network


  • Reach millions of users every month
  • Display targeted and contextually-relevant ads
  • Serve up ads across multiple channels and platforms
  • Set up budget-friendly campaigns

With the ability to reach more than 40 million ComScore confirmed users per month, Injection's advertising network guarantees maximum visibility for your ads.

Cross Channel Advertising

We enable you to serve up ads across several channels, including display, search, video, mobile, and more. Our technology will allow you to get in front of your audience wherever they may be.

Geo and Keyword-Based Targeting

Geo and Keyword-Based Targeting - Zero in on your audience using our sophisticated targeting technology that lets you touch base with users based on their location, interests, and search keywords.

Budget-Friendly Campaigns

Budget-Friendly Campaigns - We can set up campaigns to fit your budget. Our live reps and account managers are more than willing to work with you to keep your costs low.

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